Aon is a global professional services firm offering a range of services including insurance broking, risk consulting and employee wellbeing consulting and we are proud to be the approved insurance broker to APS.  Aon has deep expertise in fostering mentally healthy workplaces and we have created a Mental Health Hub website with many resources on developing a resilient workforce.

View Aon’s Mental Health Hub Find out more about the Aon/APS relationship and insurance

Comcare offers a range of education and training on topics related to the Work Health and Safety Act 2011 (WHS Act) and Safety Rehabilitation and Compensation Act 1988 (SRC Act).
Training includes:

  • self-paced online learning
  • instructor-led workshops
  • blended approaches according to your needs.

Comcare also works in partnership with employers and industry to undertake activities and provide resources that address key mental health priorities.

To access training and resources visit and Supporting mentally healthy workplaces

Concept Commercial Interiors
Concept has been delivering inspired workspaces since 1977. Creatively collaborating with our clients – in both Commercial and Healthcare – to produce people – powered workspaces that encapsulate the best for your business and your employees.

This resource provides insight into the importance of creating a culture that nourishes the wellbeing of your employees as they embark on their journey into hybrid workspaces.

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Healthy Heads in Trucks & Sheds Foundation (HHTS)
The Healthy Heads in Trucks & Sheds Foundation is an industry umbrella body specifically created to improve mental health and wellbeing across the road transport, warehousing and logistics sector.

Healthy Heads in Trucks & Sheds has created the sector’s first national mental health strategy – the three-year National Mental Health and Wellbeing Roadmap. Co-created with representatives from across industry, this unified three-year plan provides the tools and resources needed to build healthier and thriving workplaces.

The Roadmap is free to download from our website. Healthy Heads in Trucks & Sheds is a registered stand-alone not-for-profit entity for the benefit of the broader road transport, warehousing and logistics industries.

Find out more about our National Mental Health and Wellbeing Roadmap

Mind Your Head
Having a mentally healthy workplace means having the right tools and resources to identify and address workplace mental health risks before they become a hazard.  

By signing up to Mind Your Head, you will get exclusive access to tried and tested tools and resources to help improve your workplace’s mental health systems and practices. 

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Readiness is a complete wellbeing platform.

  • Readiness monitors and manages employee mental health and wellbeing through quick, regular self- assessments
  • Readiness provides personalised solutions and educational resources to help proactively manage an employees’ mental and physical health before potential issues occur
  • Readiness encourages regular ‘check-ins’ with employees through a tailored advocacy program
  • Readiness provides referrals to professional counsellors or crisis support where required

For more information visit or view the Readiness Overview

Tackle Your Feelings/AFL Coaches Association
The AFL Coaches Association (AFLCA) is the representative body for professional AFL coaches. The AFLCA is also the managing partner of the Tackle Your Feelings program, which is a free mental health training program for community AFL coaches. The program aims to help participants understand, recognize and respond to signs of mental ill-health in their players.

For more information visit

Australasian Faculty of Occupational and Environmental Medicine (AFOEM), a Faculty of the Royal Australasian College of Physicians
AFOEM is the professional organization responsible for training Occupational and Environmental Physicians in Australia and Aotearoa New Zealand. For the last ten years we have been advocating for ‘good’ work, work that is physically and mentally safe for all workers with our landmark policy “Health Benefits of Good Work” as well as “Unemployment, Poverty and Health”.

We adopt an evidence based, biopsychosocial approach to work and the prevention and management and work injuries. We have been working with Signatories Steering Group and have run a series of webinars including one on Sexual and Gendered Violence in the Workplace. We are currently finalising a policy on an evidence informed approach to the management of work injury schemes, a major part of which identifies that poor outcomes are often due to modifiable psychosocial risk factors.

AFOEM and Occupational and Environmental Physicians recognise that psychological factors are often central to morbidity and disability following work injury or motor vehicle accidents and is actively working to address these issues through our ongoing policy and advocacy work.

For more information please go to:

National Workplace Initiative, National Mental Health Commission
The National Workplace Initiative is developing a national approach to mentally healthy workplaces. The National Workplace Initiative is led by the National Mental Health Commission in collaboration with the Mentally Healthy Workplace Alliance.

The National Workplace Initiative has developed the Series on industry initiatives supporting mentally healthy workplaces to support current and emerging industry-level approaches. The three-part series was developed for anyone seeking to lead change in their industry to support mentally healthy workplaces. It shares the experiences of 13 industry initiatives and provides high-level guidance and a plan-on-a-page tool to guide strategic thinking when setting up an industry initiative. 

Download the series and share your thoughts on the website.

Australian Patients Association 
The APA is an independent not-for-profit association dedicated to championing and protecting the rights and interests of patients, improving the patient experience and their health outcomes. 

We wish to share some useful Help Lines, Web Sites and Mobile Apps on Mental Health. To access these resources, you need to become a member, but the Membership is free. 

For more information, useful help lines, web sites and mobile apps visit

CRANAplus is the peak professional body for the remote and isolated health workforce in Australia. We provide the “Bush Support Line”, a free, 24/7 telephone support line for the rural, remote and isolated health workforce and their families 1800 805 391.

CRANAplus are also holding an internal Professional Development session on the 16th November (to coincide with normal monthly PD session) on “Critical Conversations” about how to ask someone you work with if they are ok, and what to do if they’re not.

CRANAplus supports the health and wellbeing of all of the rural, remote and isolated health workforce and has free resources and workshops available. For more information about CRANAplus and their Mental Health and Wellbeing team and resources, please head to

For psychology week, we will be releasing a “Mindful Monday” Newsletter addressing subtle behaviours that have a big impact in the workplace. Mindful Monday’s are free to subscribe to for anyone, and a great way to begin your week

Gidget Foundation Australia
Gidget Foundation Australia exists to support the emotional wellbeing of expectant and new parents to ensure they receive timely, appropriate and specialist care.

Gidget Foundation Australia has developed the Perinatal and Infant Mental Health Training & Development Institute which offers comprehensive ‘on the job’ training and supervision to clinicians who have some clinical experience but limited perinatal mental health experience and are looking to develop skills and experience in the field.

For more information visit Gidget Foundation Australia at

Lived Experience Australia
Lived Experience Australia makes a difference in systemic advocacy by being informed about the issues facing people with mental health issues, their families and carers, and using this to influence mental health policy, planning and decision making at local, state and national levels. 

We have 4 pillars to our lived experience work: Advocacy, Collaboration & Partnership, Training and Research. We have collaborated with the APS for many years. We encourage APS members to explore our training options and our research reports which come from a strong lived experience perspective, drawing on the expertise of mental health consumers and carers. Our recent national Missing Middle reports are of particular note.

For more information and resources visit and

SuperFriend’s vision is for an Australia where all workplaces are mentally healthy. Together with industry partners, SuperFriend designs and delivers mental health initiatives that enable workplaces to thrive.

Our Indicators of a Thriving Workplace report is now available. 10,000 Australian workers have spoken. Read what they have to say in the 2021 Indicators of a Thriving Workplace report, full of insights into workers’ experiences through the second year of the pandemic.

Read the full report here

WorkSafe Victoria
WorkSafe Victoria plays a critical role in the lives of Victorian employers and workers – as the state’s health and safety regulator and as the manager of Victoria’s workers compensation scheme. In both capacities, employers and workers are at the heart of our service.

Check out WorkSafe’s dedicated mental health stream at