Events 2021



Monday 29 November


Pinnacle Group Australia

Date: Monday 29th November – Friday 3rd December 2021
Time: 12.00pm daily (AEDT)
Location: Online – LinkedIn Lunch and Learn insights papers (register here)

2021 has been a turbulent and challenging year, it has completely changed the way we work and interact in the world. Our team of Psychologists at Pinnacle Group Australia are experts in workplace psychology and understand mental health and wellbeing at work. We have been supporting organisations throughout the pandemic to create awareness and build capability around mental health and wellbeing in the workplace. As psychologists we have reviewed the research and unpacked the evidence base to create tactical and practical tips for organisations to promote and support wellness for their workforce. Join our LinkedIn Lunch and Learn Series this Psych Week, where we will be publishing 5 insights papers to our LinkedIn page that explore the latest evidence in this area, tips and tricks for employees navigating the new world of hybrid work, and how organisations can support their employees in this ‘new normal’ way of working.  

Psychology and the Environment Interest Group

Title: Coping with Climate Change in the Workplace
Monday 29th November
Time: 10.00am (AEDT)
Location: Webinar (register hereMeeting ID: 932 5034 5997 Passcode: 421351)

Associate Professor Navjot Bhullar (UNE) will address a significant public health concern of mental health impacts of climate change. Scientific evidence suggests a link between nature connection and better mental health and psychological wellbeing. Climate change attributable adverse environmental impacts are disrupting this connection resulting in feelings of loss of personally significant places, such as our communities, natural habitats, and precious ecosystems. This angst is experienced as negative emotions related to climate change, also known as ecological grief or eco-anxiety, and has been shown to result in negative mental health outcomes. These negative emotions are experienced first-hand by ecologists and conservation scientists and practitioners who are working on-the-ground protecting natural habitats.

Dr Tristan Snell (Deakin University) will discuss the epidemiology of climate anxiety on functional impairment, particularly relating to employment. Drawing from a recent national study of over 5000 Australians, this presentation will also comment on common coping strategies and how these might be enabled in the workplace, such as information seeking, contact with nature, and environmentally sustainable behaviour.

Dr Anna Klas (Deakin University) will discuss pro-environmental behaviour and climate action in the workplace. Drawing from her work on message framing and communications, this presentation will also comment on low-cost interventions that can be implemented to improve sustainability in the workplace.

Swinburne University of Technology / Readiness

Date: Monday 29 November 2021
Time: 6.00pm (AEDT)
Location: Webinar (register here)

Psychological wellbeing in the workplace has received increasing attention over the past few years. This interest has coincided with the findings of the recent Royal Commission into Victoria’s Mental Health System, which recommended a greater emphasis on supporting psychologically healthy workplaces, as well as the release of the new ISO45003 standard on psychological health and safety at work. In this presentation, we report on a recent nationally-representative survey study that investigated how organisations are addressing psychological wellbeing in the workplace. Specifically, this research looked at policies, practices and systems implemented to promote and address psychological wellbeing, as well as awareness of legislation concerning the responsibilities of employers. We also report on the availability of specific psychological wellbeing services and how they can be accessed by employees. We compare these findings across industries, blue versus white collar roles, and states. Overall, our findings show that compared to physical safety, employees perceive that organisations are doing less to support psychological wellbeing. We outline the implications of these findings for organisations, and the key actions that employers should take to improve the scope and accessibility of wellbeing services.

Tuesday 30 November


APS Toowoomba Branch

Event name: NPW Forum – Workplace Health and Wellbeing: The Impact of a Quarantine Hub on a Rural Community
Event date: Tuesday 30 November 2021
Time: 7:00-8:30pm (AEDT)
Location: Register here (Registration will close 05:00pm AEDT on the day of the event and the zoom invite to join will automatically be sent to all registrants)

Members will be able to discuss the potential impacts on the delivery of Toowoomba’s psychological services that may result from the sudden building and commissioning of a 500-person Quarantine Hub in Toowoomba (at Wellcamp) by Dec 2021: A hub that will grow to a 1,000-person facility by Easter 2022 and will likely have a staff of about 1,500 people.


Date: Tuesday 30 November 2021
Time: 8.00-9.00am (AEDT)
Location: Webinar (register here)

Let’s face it: there is a lot of bad advice going around in the world of work. People try to apply common sense, outdated or poorly run research, or stuff they heard from their mate’s sister’s uncle. When people apply these ideas, they’re often left scratching their heads wondering why they didn’t get the result they were expecting. If only it were as easy as doing what makes intuitive sense. But that’s not how human behaviour works – it’s often irrational and counterintuitive. Which is where psychology helps. At Inventium, we are mad-crazy-science-loving nerds and this Psychology Awareness Week, we wanted to get on board to help spread some psychology love. During our event we’ll be sharing our top 10 counterintuitive research findings from psychology that will help you work better. These findings will help you think more creatively, work more productively, and get more satisfaction from whatever work you do.

The Psych Health & Safety Podcast

Date: Tuesday 30 November 2021
Time: 7.00pm (AEDT) 
Location: Podcast (register here)

Improving workplace mental health in the construction industry by improving ‘work’.

Thalamus Digital Healthcare

Date: Tuesday 30 November 2021
Time: 6.00pm (AEDT)
Location: Webinar (register here)

Join us for an in-depth discussion on mental health in the workplace with Dr Sebastian Derham who will discuss the impacts of mental health across various jurisdictions including his experience as a registrar, and positive means of developing healthy habits and positive routines.b

Wednesday 1 December


Australian Catholic University

Date: Wednesday 1 December 2021
Time: 11.00am (AEDT)
Location: Webinar (register here)

As part of Psychology Week, Psychologists at the Australian Catholic University (ACU) will be giving a 1-hour online seminar where psychology as a science and clinical practice will be presented. The seminar is open to everyone who is interested or curious about psychology.

Psychology Melbourne

Date: Wednesday 1 December 2021
Time: 12.00pm (AEDT)
Location: Webinar (register here)

There’s no doubt that the last year has changed how we live and work. For office-based workplaces in particular, more people are working from home, and many of us are reliant on technology more than ever to talk to and work with colleagues. The grounds are shifting, and this is having a massive impact on how we think, feel, and behave at work.  In response to these changes, there are many ways that psychological support and interventions can play a part. To celebrate Psychology Week 2021, we would like to invite Managers and Leaders to attend a complimentary event.   Creating Mentally Healthy Workplaces will be held on Wednesday, 1st December at 12pm – 1pm.  This seminar will: – Show you what tools you can use to create a positive, mentally healthy workplace where the wellbeing of employees is at the heart. – Explore the 6 pillars of wellbeing that provide the basis for mental health and peak performance with your team. – Provide insights into how workers feel about work and how this impacts their mental health. You will learn strategies that can shift different mindsets that are no longer serving you well. – Explore where resilience comes from and ways this can be developed and built upon to manage these transitional times. This event will be presented by Lisa McLeod – psychologist, workplace trainer and executive coach.  To register please sign up here: – Once registered, you will receive the zoom meeting details a few days prior.


Date: Wednesday 1st December 2021
Time: 7.00-8.30 pm (AEDT)  
Location: Webinar (register here)

Offering a fresh new approach for appreciating, exploring and sharing your personal attributes with others, the 4 Elements personality inventory is now available globally with international norms. We will show you how to use the inventory to improve self-understanding as well as your personal effectiveness when working in a team.  So, if you are looking for a tool to support either your own development or to support your team coaching, then join us to hear more about how you can use the 4 Elements Inventory. This event is open to anyone interested in personal & team development using personality profiling. If you would like to complete the 4 Elements Inventory before this session and receive a free short version of the report to bring with you go to

Vincent Young & Collective Strength

Date: Wednesday 1st December 2021
Time: 12.00pm (AEDT)
Location: Webinar (register here)

How does your company stand out from the crowd? – Leadership, culture and workplace wellbeing. The world around us has changed rapidly and, as a result, the expectations of employees have shifted. Through all this change your competitive advantage is your people and culture. In this webinar, we will explore the benefits of effective leadership, strategies to develop our leaders and the impact of workplace wellbeing on company performance.  You are invited to join Erin Lynch, Employment Partner, on Wednesday, 1 December 2021 at 12pm, as she hosts a discussion on getting the best out of your people leaders and wellbeing in the workplace. Erin will be joined by Liz Payne and Marina Markovic from Collective Strength.


Date: Wednesday 1st December 2021
Time: 8.00-9.00am (AEDT)
Location: Webinar (register here)

The “pandemic of loneliness” has significantly changed the way we work, communicate and connect with each other, with has in turn impacted how think, feel and behave at work. This year to celebrate the theme of “Working minds” for Psychology week, mwah. will be hosting a panel discussion on “The Great Resignation or the worlds biggest psych experiment? Myths debunked”. Join Rhonda Brighton-Hall and the team from mwah. as we discuss the facts versus the fiction on resignation, work and happiness. We explore what work looks like as we continue to navigate our way through two concurrent global pandemics – loneliness and covid – and some tools and strategies that we can use along the way to guide us through the complexity.

Thursday 2 December


Voice Project

Date: Thursday 2 December 2021
12.00-1.00pm (AEDT)
Webinar (register here)

How can workplaces best support staff to adjust and thrive in the new world of work? Learn the secrets of keeping staff engaged with a strong workplace culture to drive success as we move forward post-pandemic. 2021 Best Workplace Award winner LivesLivedWell will share how they supported staff resilience to sustain exceptionally high employee engagement over a year of disruption and rising demand for their services. LivesLivedWell provides services across QLD and NSW to help people impacted by drugs or alcohol as well as mental health concerns. Despite facing the complexities of several organisational changes alongside pandemic challenges, LivesLivedWell have proven that values-based leadership and organisational support for wellbeing can help staff to overcome many difficulties. Since 2019, they have sustained an excellent workplace culture and significantly outperformed industry peers. See how they supported their people to overcome disruption, distance, and significant demand surge. There will be time for Q&A.

Friday 3 December

Meet and Greet – Central Queensland Hospital and Health Service

Date: Friday 3 December 2021
Time: 9.00am (AEDT)
Location: Teams (join here)

This is a virtual get together/networking event for the psychologists working for the CQHHS.


Date: Friday 3 December 2021
Time: 9.00am (AEDT)
Location: Webinar (register here)

Even if we could discount the recent global pandemic (and gee I wish we could!) the truth is our working world was already complex. Let’s face it, change and uncertainty was becoming the norm, and has led many workplaces to continuously restructure, change tact, and develop new ways of working. However, in most cases, instead of simplifying the workplace, they often do the opposite, for example, by adding even more job demands, creating more rules and procedures, and communicating in a reactive way. By default this creates a workplace culture that hinders employee mental health, productivity and even innovation. The solution is well… simple!  Come and learn ways to untangle from workplace complexity, and walk away with access to our Simplify App. This includes an assessment of workplace complexity and your own personality type, and over 200 strategies and activities that can be targeted to you and your workplace.

Social Skills Training Institute

Date: Friday 3 December 2021
Time: 12.30-1.30pm (AEDT)
Location: Webinar (register here)

2021 has seen the Secret Agent Society (SAS) Small Group Program transformed into a digital health system that encourages innovative service enhancement in clinics and schools. In response to the onset of the pandemic, a rapid co-design process steered the innovation of the 17-year-old program without compromising the evidence-base (17+ publications) or world-wide community utilisation and reach. Through careful planning and testing, the program content, process and physical resources were combined into one integrated software package. The software supports group management, interactive clinician-led activities, real-time reporting, automated assessment, and connected adult support networks to facilitate information sharing, skill generalisation, and reward systems. Critically, the platform allows for uninterrupted service delivery and access during lockdowns, switching seamlessly between both face-to-face and telehealth.
Gain insight into:  
– The new SAS Small Group Program, digital edition.  
– Benefits and barriers of using software in clinical/educational practice.  
– Advisory group co-design methods.
– Innovation for improved practise.

Saturday 4 December



Date: Saturday 4th December 2021
Time: 11.00-12.30 (AEDT)
Location: Webinar (register here)

This event focuses on creating resilient, highly effective teams in times of crisis and uncertainty. Taking a design led approach to creating success with teams has many potential benefits, from providing a psychologically safe working environment through to delivering performance goals in ways that build, improve, and sustain mental health and wellbeing. Through good design, teams can improve their performance by leveraging their capability as an effective unit as well as developing the resilience needed to absorb or even be strengthened by ‘future shocks’. Whether you are seeking to transform a single team or a whole organisation, this session will provide you with a framework and evidence-based approach underpinned by psychological research as well as showing you how validated reliable tools can be used to support team success.  Designed to prepare you and the teams you work with to embrace the changes to our working environments and leadership culture. Join us and learn how to conduct a ‘health check’ for your team as well as how to create the key conditions for successful co-located, hybrid & virtual teams in your business! This event is for leaders of all types of teams in micro, small, medium & large organisations. The holding frame is Integrative Systemic Team Coaching & Development and we will present real cases that integrate the 6 Team Conditions, the Team Diagnostic Survey, Sociomapping & personality assessment in support of creating effective teams.

Sunday 5 December



Date: Sunday 5th December 2021
Time: 6.00pm (AEDT)
Location: Webinar (register here)

Leading resilient high performing teams in the veterinary professions. Join us for this session where you will hear the story of an unlikely journey leading to workplace transformation in an independent veterinary practice. The team leader’s decision to ‘put on her own mask first’ led to an improbable virtual working partnership with an Australian Organisational Psychologist based in Perth in Western Australia and an Australian Senior [Returning] Vet Mentor based in Melbourne. It all began in 2020 during the COVID19 crisis, which impacted on the veterinary professions at a time where mental health issues are rife and suicide rates were already high with retention and recruitment issues crippling the sector. As team leader of a small independent practice situated on a small island off the coast of Essex in the UK, personal mental health preservation as well as the need to provide a healthy team environment for the benefit of people and pets, led to a life changing decision and unexpected transformation. Join us on Sunday December 5th at 18:00 AEDT (UTC+11), to hear a story that could transform your thinking about teams, leadership and the potential for a small independent practice to be successful whilst providing a psychologically healthy environment for people as well as pets to flourish. The principles covered scale to larger organisations. If you are a veterinary professional in any type of organisation, you are welcome to join this Psychology Week virtual event free of charge.


Mount Compass Golf Club

Date: Friday 26 November 2021
Time: 3.00pm (ACDT)    
Location: Mount Compass Golf Club George Francis Dr, Mount Compass, SA, 5210

An annual social event for all APS (SA) psychologists who need an avenue to release built up tension and emotions from 2021, with support from understanding and like minded clinicians.

APS College of Organisational Psychologists – SA

Date: Monday 29 November 2021
Time: 5.30pm – 8.30pm (ACDT)    
Location: AHMRI Auditorium. North Terrace, Adelaide , SA, 5000. The venue is wheelchair accessible
Registration: Register here

Professor Mike Kyrios (Flinders University) is here to share the most recent research on wellbeing, the importance of intervention, and how this can be applied to your workplace. Hear from Be Well Co by SAHMRI as they share with you the Be Well Plan & Be Well Tracker initiatives and how to create sustainable wellbeing solutions into a workplace. Engage in table discussion with your colleagues and peers, and of course, enjoy wine (or soda) and food platters while networking. 


Sacre Coeur Catholic Girls School

Date: Wednesday 1 December 2021
Time: 10.30am (AEDT)    
Location: 172 Burke Rd, Glen Iris

A morning tea will be hosted for Sacre Coeur Catholic Secondary School staff


APS Tasmania Branch

Event name: National Psychology Week, Mental Health in the Workplace: Business Leaders Morning Tea
Event date:  29 November 2021
Time: 9.00-11.00am (AEDT)
Location 29 November: Sandy Bay Yacht Club, Marieville Esplanade, Sandy Bay 
Registration: Register here (Registration will close 11:30pm AEDT on Friday 29 October 2021 and is required for attendance)

90 minute workshop on Mental Health in the Workplace for Business Leaders (managers, CEOs, team leaders). Topics covered will include: understanding mental health, impacts on work, practical strategies for managing mental health, how and where to access mental health support. Participants will receive a helpful resource pack and certificate of completion. 30 minute morning tea and networking opportunity.


APS College of Clinical Psychologists – NT

Event name: National Psychology Week 2021 – Dinner and guest speaker
Event date:  2 December 2021
Time: 6.30-9.00pm (ASCT)
Location: The Darwin Club, Admiralty House, 70 Esplanade, Level 1, Darwin
Registration: Register here (Registrations will close at 05:00pm ACST on 28 November 2021 and is required for attendance)

Come along and join the APS Top End Branch and the APS College of Clinical Psychologists – NT to celebrate the occasion, enjoy some tasty food, socialise with your peers, and hear a presentation by Associate Professor Simon Moss. Ticket price includes a selection of canapes and fork dishes for the evening. Drinks are available for purchase by attendees.



Date: Monday 29 November 2021
Time: 10.15am (AWST)
Location: Loftus Community Centre  99 Loftus Street  Leederville, WA 6007
Find out more here

The sound session lasts for about an hour. The playlist and intention for each session is intuitively selected, with the added bonus of having the Tibetan Singing bowls played over you as you awaken from your relaxed meditative state. These sessions are suitable for all ages and abilities and may be received either sitting or lying down.

APS College of Organisational Psychologists – WA

Date: Tuesday 30 November 2021
Time: 12.00-4.00pm (AWST)
Location: Windsor Hotel South Perth

We are hosting a ‘drop in’ peer consultation and networking event for Psych Week. This is open to members as well as anyone thinking of joining us. Joining the Australian Psychological Society and then becoming a member of the College is a great way to network with professionals who are passionate about ‘Putting Psychology to Work’. This is a very informal opportunity to meet up with colleagues. Drop in for a few minutes or stay for longer for an impromptu ‘peer consultation’. If you are a College Supervisor, come along and collect your lapel pin to let others know who you are and start a conversation about professional practice!  Join our LinkedIn group to stay in touch or call/message the Chair at 0477794699. If you are planning to ‘drop in’ send the Chair [Pauline Willis] an SMS or find her on Whatsapp so she can look out for you!  Find COPWA on LinkedIn & Facebook