Events 2020


Event holder: Trauma and Pain Management Services Pty Ltd
Date: Tuesday 10 November 2020
Time: 7.00pm – 8.00pm   
Location: Webinar (register here)
Event details: ‘Change your brain, change your pain’
Increased understanding of the human brain is changing our understanding and treatment of chronic pain. In this one hour webinar you will learn about the role of the brain in pain and how to use this knowledge to change the brain activity that maintains pain

• How does normal pain become chronic pain?
• Why does chronic pain exist?
• How your brain produces pain
• 2 mind-body analgesic pathways
• 5 brain strategies to change your pain


Event holder: Psyched TAS
Date: Sunday 8 November – Saturday 14 November 2020
Time: 7:00am – 7:00pm
Location: 202 Davey St, Hobart 7004
Event details: There will be a display of information presented for the duration of Psychology Week. This is will be accessible on a large wall at the front of the building on the major arterial road.