Psych Week Podcasts with Amy Felman

The APS is collaborating with Amy Felman, APS member and host of the We All Wear It Differently podcast to release a series of podcasts, themed on the Psychology Week topic of pain management. Amy will speak with APS members Dr Jacqui Stanford, Damien Stewart and Dr Nicki Ferencz who have experience working with clients and their pain management. The podcasts will be released during Psychology Week on the following dates;

Sunday 8 November: # 62 – Pain Management with Dr Jacqui Stanford 
Interview with health psychologist Dr Jacqui Stanford, who is discussing the importance of early intervention, managing pain in the workplace, the role of grief and loss and much more.

Wednesday 11 November: # 64 – Chronic Pain with Sports and Exercise Psychologist Damien Stewart
Interview with sport and exercise psychologist Damien Stewart, who will discuss the critical importance of a multidisciplinary approach when working with people experiencing pain and what successful therapy might actually mean in the context of managing pain.

Friday 13 November: # 63 – Paediatric Chronic Pain with Dr Nicki Ferencz
Interview with clinical psychologist Dr Nicki Ferencz, who works in paediatrics in the Women’s and Children’s Hospital in Adelaide. Nicki will be discussing the intrinsic link between pain and mental health and so much more.

The podcasts will be released on the We All Wear It Differently podcast website, and promoted on the APS social media channels. Follow the APS on;
Facebook: www.facebook.com/AustralianPsychologicalSociety