Psychology Week 2019

What can we learn from young people?

In 2019, Psychology Week is promoting what psychology as a science tells us about young people’s feelings, attitudes and beliefs about social justice, with a particular focus on the climate crisis.

In the lead up to #psychweek, the APS established a Youth Advisory Group to hear, first hand, the views and reflections from young people via face-to-face workshops and a Facebook group. We also conducted a literature review on the climate crisis in relation to children and youth.

Watch several videos and hear what some of the Youth Advisory Group participants have to say about some of the questions posed to them around social justice issues. Watch the videos here

Psychology Week 2019 Report

To coincide with the start of #psychweek, the APS has launched the Psychology Week 2019 Report: Young people’s voices in the climate crisis.

Based on the consultations with young people and the literature review, a project team – comprising APS staff and experts on the climate crisis, social justice and developmental psychology – developed recommendations for how different sectors of society can support young people around the climate crisis.

These constitute a call to action to help address the mental and physical health impacts of the climate crisis on young people, build their capacity to cope with it, and empower them to be effectively engaged in efforts to mitigate climate change.

Download the full report and summary here.

About Psychology Week

Psychology Week is an annual initiative of the Australian Psychological Society that aims to increase public awareness of how psychology can help Australians lead healthier, happier and more meaningful lives. 

The APS and its psychologist members use Psychology Week to demystify and communicate the depth, breadth and many benefits of psychology. Many Australians benefit from psychology every day, in almost every setting – from classroom to workplace, private clinics to large hospitals, sports fields, courtrooms and much more.