The quest for digital superfoods

Jocelyn Brewer MAPS introduces us to the concept of Digital Nutrition, an award-winning framework for teaching the principles of a healthy, balanced relationship with technology.

Digital nutrition borrows from the healthy eating pyramid and food nutrition principles to communicate key concepts around screen-time limits, digital citizenship and impulse control, and evaluates the cognitive benefits of apps and games.

It is not about a digital ‘diet’ or ‘detox’, but about a positive, long term relationship with cyberspace that allows us to get the best out of technology, while avoiding the pitfalls of ‘internet addiction’. Are there healthy life choices for digital consumption? Are there digital superfoods?

Presented by Jocelyn Brewer MAPS

Jocelyn is a Sydney-based registered psychologist who is fast becoming a leading commentator on issues relating to the way digital technology shapes aspects of society, behaviour and learning. Jocelyn has over 12 years’ experience in NSW public schools as both an accredited teacher and as a school counsellor. She also has experience as an independent theatre producer and in social media strategy.

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