A focus on our strengths can help to support our wellbeing. There is growing psychological focus on the value of people identifying and applying their strengths in a range of contexts (school, work, parenting, life) to improve their wellbeing and enhance their life satisfaction.

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The VIA Classification of Character Strengths is comprised of 24 character strengths that fall under six broad virtue categories: wisdom, courage, humanity, justice, temperance and transcendence . They are morally and universally valued, encompass our capacities for helping ourselves and others and produce positive effects when we express them. Knowing your constellation of character strengths is the first step towards living a happier, more authentic life.

Each one of us possess all 24 of the VIA character strengths in varying degrees making up our own unique profiles.

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Strengths-based parenting helps children to thrive

By Professor Lea Waters

Amplifying strengths helps children reach their full potential and improves wellbeing.

Strengths-based leadership – Create a thriving workplace cultures

By Andrew Carnegie MAPS

A strengths-based approach to leadership is more effective than the traditional method of focussing on performance weaknesses. To help organisations grow and thrive we need to tap into people’s strengths.

Performance psychology 101

Associate Professor Gene Moyle MAPS knows elite performers harness their strengths to achieve their goals.

The same strategies that help elite performers overcome anxiety and stage fright can help you perform at your peak every day.